Royersford Borough developed their Active Transportation Plan September 2022.

WHAT IS ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Active transportation is an umbrella term for all the ways people can get around without using a motor vehicle – walking or biking, using mobility assistance devices (such as wheelchairs and scooters), skating or skateboarding, and more. In short, active transportation is human-powered travel. Active transportation represents fundamental transportation modes for many people to access transit, work, school, retail stores or any number of destinations in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Active transportation can provide many community benefits beyond personal mobility, such as improved public health, economic development, greater quality of life, and enhanced environmental quality. Active transportation planning involves community engagement specific to the needs of people who walk and bicycle and outlines the vision, goals, and strategies needed to support safe, convenient, and accessible active transportation options. Royersford Borough recognizes it is important and beneficial to meet the needs of people walking and biking by planning for and directing investments in infrastructure and programs that support active transportation options. Royersford Borough is dedicated to a healthy environment that is conducive to walking and biking, clean and safe streets, convenient public transit options, and connections to active and passive open space.

Royersford Borough partnered with GVF, who has over 33 years of nonprofit mobility planning expertise, to educate residents on alternatives to driving alone.

When communities invest in sidewalks, bike lanes/routes, trails, crosswalks, public transit, and other infrastructure it promotes transportation equity, improves public health, and reduces our carbon footprint.

Below are resources with options for how you can travel throughout the community:

Trail Information

  • Circuit Trails
    • Did you know that one of America’s largest trail networks is in your backyard? Find your trail on the Circuit among 100s of miles of interconnected trails in the Greater Philadelphia region, providing endless opportunities for recreation and commuting.

Transit Information

For real-time information on local transit, please visit the following pages:

  • SEPTA (for bus and regional rail schedules, alerts, and system status)
  • SEPTA Bus 139 serving Royersford Borough:
  • For the latest information on SEPTA’s Bus Revolution project, visit

Transportation Resources

    • provides the latest and most up to date transportation information. It also shares resources to help you save time and money on your commute.
  • Ruti Bike
    • Have you tried RutiBike yet? Let Ruti help you find the bike route with the least car traffic.
  • SEPTA’s bicycle policy
    • Most SEPTA vehicles can accommodate bicycles, which we define as two-wheeled, manually powered or electrically assisted vehicles. Folding bicycles are always permitted on all vehicles.
  • Share-A-Ride
    • Share-A-Ride’s platform & mobile apps help you discover all your sustainable travel options in SE PA like telecommuting, carpool, vanpool, transit, walk, or bike. You can also record your sustainable trips and earn rewards!
  • Emergency Ride Home Program
    • Did you know if you take public transit, carpool, or vanpool to work and an unexpected personal or family emergency or illness, unscheduled overtime, or if the regular ride home is not available for certain reasons, registered commuters are provided with a free ride to home, their car or to the place of the emergency. Sign up here:
  • GVF
    • A nonprofit organization focused on improving the quality of life for ALL, by improving mobility choices for communities within Chester and Montgomery Counties. GVF believes everyone should have safe and reliable transportation choices. A community’s infrastructure should support residents of all ages and abilities to make trips by walking or cycling — because it is convenient, affordable, and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Traffic and Construction Information

For information on local road work, please visit our website, Facebook, or the following pages:

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