Tax Collector

The tax collector collects taxes on real estate levied by Royersford Borough, Montgomery County and also the Spring-Ford School District. Also the tax collector collects Per Capita taxes levied by the borough. (Please Note: Any person with an individual income of less than $12,000 and, if married, a joint income of less than $24,000 is eligible for exoneration of Per Capita Taxes. Income includes money received from all sources.) Payments can be made at 620 Pine Street, Royersford.

Walk-In Office Hours @ 620 Pine Street
*The office is now closed for walk in payments, unless an appointment is made.

There is a lock box outside of 620 Pine Street to drop payments off; payment will be processed same day if rec’d by 5PM. Receipts will be mailed only if a self addressed stamped envelope is included with payment.

Or mail payment to:
Amy Billetta, Royersford Tax Collector
P.O. Box 574
Royersford, PA 19468
Phone: 610-948-6210

Exoneration of Per Capita Tax
Fee Schedule


The earned income/wage tax is a 1% tax imposed on every Borough resident for wages and net profits earned. The tax is split evenly with the Spring Ford School District and is collected by Berkheimer and Associates. Questions regarding the Earned Income Tax can be directed to Berkheimer at 800-360-8989 or


The Local Services Tax is a local tax payable by all individuals who hold a job or profession within a taxing jurisdiction imposing the tax. It is due quarterly on a prorated basis determined by the number of pay periods for a calendar year.. The total LST tax paid by any individual in a calendar year is limited to $52, regardless of the number of taxing jurisdictions in which an individual works during the year.

All employers located within Royersford Borough must withhold the new LST Tax at the annual rate of $52 for all employees with annual gross income in excess of $12,000. Of the $52.00 withheld, $5.00 is forwarded to the school district.

If you are self-employed and your business or practice is located within Royersford Borough you will be responsible to pay the LST Tax at the annual rate of $52.

The tax is collected by Berkheimer and Associates. Questions regarding the Local Services Tax (LST) can be directed to Berkheimer at 800-360-8989 or

Tax Certification Fees can be found on page 5 of the Fee Schedule.

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