Waste Water Treatment Plant

Waste Water Treatment Plant:
600 First Avenue Royersford, PA 19468.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Superintendent

The superintendent is responsible for operating the Waste Water Treatment Plant which is related to treat 540,000 gallons per day. Also he is responsible for all maintenance of the collection system’s piping and two pumping stations. There is one additional operator that works with the superintendent.

Jack Huzzard

Assistant Superintendent
William Evans


The amount of your sewer bill is based on the number of residential or commercial units on your property, flat rate, or the volume of water consumption as metered by Pennsylvania American Water Company. Excessive water consumption caused by watering lawns, washing cars and driveways or leaking plumbing fixtures will be reflected in higher sewer bills.

Sewer bills are mailed during the first week of January, April, July and October. Payments may be made by mail, online, or in person at the Borough Office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., weekdays. Payments after hours can be deposited in the drop box located in the front vestibule of the Municipal Building.

You can pay your sewer/trash invoice using:

  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express (convenience fee will apply)
  • Electronic Check Payments (convenience fee will apply)

**You will need your account number to pay your sewer/trash invoice. This can be found on your sewer/trash invoice, on the top or bottom portion of the invoice under “Account Number.” Please reference this sample invoice to assist with the location of the account number if you are having trouble finding it: Sample Invoice


The Borough of Royersford has initiated a program to reduce groundwater and stormwater infiltration into the Sanitary Sewer System.  The primary source of the infiltration is through cracks in the sewer piping and illegal stormwater connections.  Sump pumps, foundation, floor and area drains, and downspout connections to the Sanitary System are illegal and results in increased treatment costs.  The Borough approach to eliminating this problem will be as follows:

  • Repair or replace sewers.
  • Lining sections of sewers.
  • Performing smoke testing to identify stormwater connections.

Beginning in November, 2012, the Borough has contracted with a firm to install a liner in approximately 3400 feet of sewer main in various sections of the Borough.  Residents will be given one week notice of when the work will be done on their street with instructions for water use restrictions on the day of installation.  All work will be done in one day.  Workers will also place door hangers on the resident’s doors 24 hours prior to the work commencing.  Please note that the liner will temporarily emit a chemical smell during installation.  PLEASE DO NOT BECOME ALARMED; THIS IS NORMAL.

Also beginning the week of December 15, 2014, the Borough has contracted with a firm to perform a sewer system study to locate stormwater sources that may be connected to the Borough’s sanitary sewer system. Connections such as catch basins, open clean outs, roof drains, as well as broken pipes will be located by “smoke testing.” The testing is performed to insure the integrity of the sanitary sewer system and identify sources of clear water inflow and infiltration. The testing will be performed on sanitary sewer manholes that are typically located in the streets or in easements near your residence. NON-TOXIC AND NON-STAINING white smoke is inserted into the sanitary sewer system by means of a smoke generating device. During the test, smoke will be observed emitting from the manhole covers. PLEASE DO NOT BECOME ALARMED; THIS IS NORMAL.

Smoke could enter your home if you have a dry trap within the premises. This may be a basement floor drain or some unused plumbing fixture, i.e., an old sink or shower stall that is seldom used. Pouring water down these drains and/or seldom used fixtures prior to smoke testing will help assure that smoke does not enter your dwelling. A plumbing defect within the home may also allow smoke to enter. The homeowner may want to address this plumbing defect since sewer gas and odors sometimes develop in the sewer system and could possibly enter the home through this defect.

In the unlikely event that smoke enters your home, DO NOT BE ALARMED.  Open windows and doors to ventilate the home and contact the people outside performing the some testing.  They will try to assist you in locating the source that allowed smoke to enter your home.

While the Borough will render all possible cooperation, the correction of any defects in the pipes and sewer on private property is the responsibility of the owner.  The services if a professional plumber are advised.

If you have any questions, please contact the Borough Office.

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