Royersford Borough Council is seeking proposals for services of a Borough Engineer to provide professional engineering services for the Borough. Selected engineer must have a company staff of qualified traffic engineers, and environmental and structural engineers. Services will include review of subdivision and land development applications, preparation of escrows and escrow releases, design bid specifications, and construction inspections of selected municipal projects. Plan review will include roadway design, storm water management design, and general compliance with Borough specifications, which are laid out in the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code and Borough Ordinances. In addition, services may include project design for Borough initiated roads, storm sewer, parks and other miscellaneous projects as required by the Borough. Service will also include NPDES compliance including preparation of the annual MS4 reports. The engineering service shall be proficient in all types of grants including working with the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) along with knowledge of Penn Dot’s Liquid Fuels Program.
Selected engineer will be expected to attend a Borough Council meeting when needed. Proposals will only be accepted from firms or corporations licensed in Pennsylvania to engage in the practice of engineering. The firm must be located within 40 miles of Borough Hall.
The Borough is only seeking proposals from firms with experience in municipal engineering, and not from wastewater or specialty firms. Please advise us in your proposal the distance from your office to Royersford Borough and if your firm will be charging for travel time and mileage, as well as the project cost. Questions concerning the submittal of proposals can be directed to Michael A. Leonard, Borough Manager at 610-948-3737 or e-mail at

General Requirements and Information:
If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please mail, Fed Ex, UPS, or hand delivery (10) copies of the proposal no later than noon September 1, 2017 to Michael A. Leonard, Borough Manager at 300 Main Street, Royersford, PA 19468. Please clearly mark the envelope: RFP Municipal Engineering Services.

Each proposal must include a contact name and telephone number.

The following factors will be considered during the evaluation of the firm submitting proposal:
A. Specialized experience in municipal engineering and technical competence of firm, to include years of municipal engineering.
B. Past performance of the firm and specific experience of individuals, who constitute the firm, shall be considered.
C. Excellent references from satisfied municipal clients who can attest to the firm’s qualifications, technical competence, integrity and
D. Current work load and capacity of firm to perform the work within the time limitations, this includes organizational depth and relative
E. Other factors specific to the professional services of engineering firm to a Borough.
F. Ethics and professional standing.
G. Cost control-how you would report work accomplished and identify the value of work done for the Borough.
H. Experience with Geographic Information System (GIS)
I. Provide experience in applying and securing grants/financing for infrastructure.

Issues to be addressed in the proposal shall include:
A. Expense and billing procedures.
B. List your hourly rate for each employee and specify who will be the primary individuals assigned
to Royersford Borough.
C. Accessibility to Borough and flexibility of schedule for Borough matters.
1. Distance from your office to Royersford Borough.
2. State whether or not your firm charges for mileage and at what rate.
3. State whether you charge for travel time.
D. Rate structure for principal engineering and support staff.
1. Clarify if night meetings are billed and at what rate.
E. Biographical information of firm, principal and support staff.
1. Provide rate structure for infrastructure grant applications.
F. Provide municipal references.
G. Provide a copy of the firm’s Certificate of Insurance.
H. Engineering Experience:
1. List individuals who will be assigned to Royersford Borough and who will attend Borough
2. Experience in all phases to include field inspection in subdivision, land development, and
environmental matters.
3. Experience in drafting construction knowledge.
4. Knowledge of engineering standards and reference standards.
5. Knowledge of State laws, codes, and regulations as applied to engineering.
6. Knowledge of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code and the subdivision review process.
I. Other pertinent information you desire to submit.

Interviews will be at the discretion of Borough Council after all resumes are reviewed. Firms may be required to make formal presentation to Borough officials before final determination is made.

Proposals are due no later than noon on September 1, 2017. All questions regarding the proposal must be submitted in writing to Michael A. Leonard, Borough Manager.

The award of the contract will be the consultant that provides the best proposal based upon technical merit, experience, cost and other factors. Royersford Borough may engage in discussions with one or more of the prospective consultants during the selection process to clarify or amend various aspects contained in submitted technical and cost proposals.

The Borough reserves the right to reject all proposals submitted, to cancel solicitation requested under this notice, and/or to request new proposals for the services. Royersford Borough is not liable for any cost incurred by consultants in the preparation of the proposal.

The firm appointed by Borough Council will not be permitted to represent any private entities in the Borough, unless plans are currently in process of being prepared. A list of projects or contracts in which the firm is currently involved within Royersford Borough shall be submitted with the proposal. The consultant shall furnish with executed agreement, the standard Certificate of Insurance coverage which must be maintained throughout the agreement and any amendment thereto. The certificate shall name Royersford Borough as additional insured.

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